From the founders of Zibiru and Bottega Italiana comes another new concept in traditional Italian dining.


Introducing Bacaro, a destination where you can experience two quintessentially cultural traditions from the Veneto (Venice) and Campania (Naples) regions of Italy. 

From Venice, we bring you the timeless pastime of bàcari, an after-work tradition spent enjoying a combination of cicchetti (small bites of food) and ombra de vin (‘shadows’ of wine). The word bàcaro is said to come from several sources: 1) “Bacco", the god of wine, 2) "far bàcara", a Venetian expression for "celebrate,” and 3) “baccano” which means mess/party/noise. With this in mind, we aim to recreate this bustling atmosphere here in Berawa.

In neighboring Naples, one single food has garnered so much attention worldwide that it’s also included on UNESCO's list of intangible cultural heritage—pizza. No small feat. So what makes this particular pizza so special, and how does one identify a true Neapolitan pizza in the wild? It’s not just the type of crust or the ingredients used, it’s the manner in which the dough and ingredients are prepared and ultimately baked in traditional domed, wood-fueled ovens, a method that has remained exactly the same for ages. We mastered this craft, replicating true Neapolitan pizza using premium ingredients from Bali and Italy—authentic in making, traditional in taste.

We invite you to experience these two uniquely Italian food traditions here at Bacaro.

About Zibiru


Located in Seminyak, Zibiru is a purveyor of traditional, regional Italian cuisine by Executive Chef Luigi Calcagno. Since opening its doors in 2012, Zibiru has garnered a strong loyal following with its made-from-scratch regional Italian cuisine. Bottega Italiana’s homemade products—fresh pasta and sauces, salumi, cheese, jams—are produced in Zibiru’s kitchen daily. Jazz enthusiasts can enjoy live music three times/week.


Our gourmet marketplace aims to satisfy any appetite with a variety of Italian specialty foods. Bottega Italiana Bali showcases the best of what Italy has to offer (all homemade by Zibiru) using premium, organic ingredients. From fresh pastas and traditional sauces, to panini (vegetarian/vegan options also available), cured meats, wine and cheese, each dish represents different regions of Italy from the north to the south.

Each of our four locations in Bali is named after an herb found in Italian cooking. Basilico (basil), the flagship in Seminyak, offers a wider selection of hard to find products not available at the other locations such as a wider selection of Italian wines, salumi and cheese. Rosmarina (rosemary) on Batu Bolong in Canggu, Timo (thyme) on Petitenget, and the newly opened Origano (oregano) in Berawa offer convenient access to Italian goodness.