The Concept


Come to Bacaro to experience two quintessentially cultural traditions from Venice (Veneto) and Naples (Campania) in Italy all under one roof. 

From Venice, we bring you the timeless pastime of bàcari, an after-work tradition spent enjoying a combination of cicchetti (small bites of food) and ombra de vin (‘shadows’ of wine). The word bàcaro is said to come from several sources: 1) “Bacco", the god of wine, 2) "far bàcara", a Venetian expression for "celebrate,” and 3) “baccano” which means mess/party/noise. We aim to recreate this bustling atmosphere here in Berawa.

In neighboring Naples, one single food has garnered so much attention worldwide that it’s also included on UNESCO's list of intangible cultural heritage—pizza. So what makes this particular pizza so special, and how does one identify a true Neapolitan pizza? It’s not just the type of crust or the ingredients used, it’s the manner in which the dough and ingredients are prepared and ultimately baked in traditional domed ovens, a method that has remained exactly the same for ages. We mastered this craft, replicating true Neapolitan pizza using premium ingredients from Bali and Italy—authentic in making, traditional in taste.